Saturday, December 14, 2013

this energy. it came from the dark place.
That place thats always not here.
the wonderful place of exile.

its where will is manufactured.
its where dreams were scribed.
its where music comes from
its whats sends me the shivers.

I walk on the street looking,
but the dark place, it sees
it sees me looking
and its gears begin to roll,
shifting and curling
it creates things. It places objects
in front of me.

When i touch a woman,
the dark place whispers,
and i recoil into myself
im lost and when i come back,
i am me, but darker
it does not want to be left out.

when i eat, the dark place
it sings to me. It loves food.
you animal it says, become me.

When i love, the dark place
it sits contemplating
its critical and analytical
it says, this is not for you.
only i am for you. for i am
the real you. welcome me.
become me. Worship me.

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