Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Come Undone

Slide this texture on your hand
the soft chill as it conveys
luxury and form; desire
pleasant and thoroughly rich.
press it forward and downward
the shroud becoming you
the warmth from the center
entrapped in this net.
Raise. raise your voice
it echos on the fabric,
speaking of gold and silk
and other things.
exhale, inhale, capture.
swirling the mass, it sings
as it slips onto the floor
onto other earthly things
within and without
we come undone on hands
legs, hair and words.
We speak, we sing
and the music bellows from earth
and we are the brief note
waiting to manifest on a melody
the key that means to complete
music that goes about searching
for its lost soul. So we say.

Words should never exist
nor should we listen
to come undone, we turn
we seek the void
the ones we pull apart
to hide our confusion.
Escape is a necessary illusion.

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