Saturday, January 11, 2014


The sun, it is the Sun.
Gold light bathing a narrow street
catching on to the leaves, glowing
a hazy scene it seemed to me
fueled by Nostaligia, a peace of sorts
a moment of happening seemed upon the day
people going on living, people going on dying
People going on observing, that is me.

The road is long and it disappears somewhere
The colors, they remind me of childhood skies.
Then I see you crossing the street.
for a moment i though you saw me,
but you were just going on about your life
and i was going on about your life, separately
You disappear around the bend, goodbye.

The sun did not flicker at your passing.
I do not keep you on me. I do not long for you.
I long for me, and i chose you to measure desire
I've seen you choose, you chose and it said to me,
I am capable of living without you, chances you've had..
Choose your own, and be done with it.

My enemy is the immense value of life,
i could not fathom you entrusting your time to me
It felt life you were dying for me.
I wanted to preserve you, cherish you as a whole being
unattached and free to roam the earth,
the breif moment we crossed paths, held and loved
It was beautiful. Goodbye and live long.

I too will be seen from afar, one day
And i will pass by, and the world will still be amazing.

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