Friday, October 23, 2009

Self Observing Animals

breathe. sleep. dream. hope. live. love. free. heal. grow. rise. feel. free

to us, who knows not much,
yet with ignorance, we arrogantly move on,
i hope that we may see,
that there was nothing else there to see
our pride and base desires are true reality,
that we clothe distasteful to appear in fashion
and thus remains there to be passed on.

there is beauty in exactly what we are
we are self observing animals.
the shackle that we fight against - perhaps is freedom itself.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, is that title 'Existing, Alive and Angry' still applicable? Are you still just existing, and angry?? Are you still doing your best to know yourself, and yet being angry and existing? Anger is a very potent emotion, but one does not need to be angry to have a potent existence. I think those whom you have truly shared yourself with knows that truth. I think you'd contribute to your desire to know yourself, when you connections with significant others whom you can be yourself with. Such, learn from and contribute to each other's growth.

I like your poem though. It makes me think of people like myself too. Who knows too little, and seems as if it is a lot. :) And it touches on images of being true to oneself and shaking off the chains that we have learn to entangle ourselves in, chains of superficiality, and conformity :)

Thing about poems though is, I may read something totally different than what is meant. I like yours. Sweet, wise and honest. And insightful

MaldivianPoet said...

Hey! You have some very deep and beautiful work here. You should write more often!
And truly sorry that I haven't actually replied to any of your (or other peoples) comments on my blog. I haven't been really updating it. But I'm giving it an extra effort now! =)
Hope to see more of your work soon. Love reading your stuff!

Anonymous said...

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