Monday, December 15, 2008


Just Broke up with a woman who loved me unconditionally, because i was scared shit about the prospect of having kids soon. Its complicated, but so simple you could say, because i love her too.

The more i thought about it, the more i could see why it would work-but i felt like i was getting locked in to a future i could not control. I felt less and less like doing it, even though it made so much sense.

She was there for me, silently, gently prodding me and making me face my fears. I feel like shit.


Anonymous said...

there are some fears no one else can make you face - gently or harshly. You do the things you do when you are ready to. I hope you get to travel the happy roads of travel and live your life as a free being, untrapped and open. May your feet carry you to all the four corners of the world. As for your woman, I heard it said that even the humble earthworm has its soulmate out there waiting to meet it. Maybe yours is looking for you too on one of those roads you are longing to travel. She'd be the one who'd make you feel that the choice was right all the way - without trapping you, or cutting short your dreams. May your love keep you free to travel your dreams and make you able to come back home with her.

Anonymous said...

unconditional love isn't always enough is it? It's part of life to part with loved ones, and to walk different paths. What you have written though, stands still as a testimony of how you felt, I wonder if it would just make it harder for you to feel happy that you have let go?

Anonymous said...

Love is not just a feeling - mature love is more an action